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A criminal record can affect your employment possibilities, keep you from getting bonded, limit volunteer opportunities, travel outside of Canada, and just hold you back in life.  If you want to clear up the wreckage of your past, I can assist you with preparing and filing a Record Suspension or Pardon application.  There are restrictions on when you can apply and who can apply depending on what and when your convictions were.  Let me help you change your life.

A U.S. Non-immigration Travel Waiver allows the holder to travel into the United States for a set period of time after they have been denied entry and/or if they have a criminal record.  The application process is overseen by the United States Customs and Immigration Service and the application itself is adjudicated by the U.  S.  Department of Homeland Security.

I have been preparing and filing Record Suspension, Pardon, and U.S.  Non-immigration Travel Waivers since 1992.  Allow me and my experience to assist you in navigating through the application system.  Contact me today to discuss your options.


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