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Appealing Property Value AssessmentsMany people don’t know this, but you can appeal your property assessment received from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation ('MPAC').  The value of your property assessment has a direct correlation with how much you will pay in property taxes.  MPAC assesses your property and your municipality calculates your property tax based on that assessment.  MPAC’s mandate is not to favour the property owner or the municipality when assessing a property, but to ensure that the property is assessed at the correct value and most of the time their assessments are correct.  But occasionally, the MPAC assessment is wrong and if you feel that your assessment is incorrect, I can file a Request for Reconsideration ('RFR') and/or an appeal on your behalf.  The RFR is an internal review of your assessment by MPAC and if you are not happy with the RFR result, an appeal can be filed with the Assessment Review Board.

The Assessment Review Board ('ARB') is an independent adjudicative tribunal established under the Assessment Act, with a mandate to hear appeals about property assessment and classification.  The ARB receives appeals on property assessments and property taxes.  Hearings are scheduled across the province, usually in the municipality where the property is located.  At the hearing, all parties have the opportunity to present evidence and make arguments.  The ARB hears these appeals and makes decisions based on the applicable law and the evidence presented at the hearing.

I have years of experience filing RFRs, appeals and dealing with both MPAC and the ARB.  If you would like to know more about your options or to hire me to deal with your property assessment, contact me and I will explain all your options.

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